Success measured in purpose and revenue

Dallas-based small business makes an impact on communities across the globe.

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February 27, 2024

When Femi Oyenekan started Simpleaf in 2017, it was based on the idea that a business could be more than its products, it could be a change agent for a better world.

“I wanted something bigger than me,” said Oyenekan.

Simpleaf sells sustainable hygiene products for home and personal use. Oyenekan chose the hygiene space intentionally. Born in Nigeria, the entrepreneur said his personal experience drove him to find a solution to a common problem.

“When you grow up in a third-world country, hygiene amenities and accessibility to hygiene is a major, major problem that a lot of people don’t talk about,” he said. “Simpleaf is changing that.”

Oyenekan found his start selling on Amazon. He said Amazon gave him the tools he needed to succeed as a small business before they had a customer base.


On every Simpleaf package, a ribbon tells the commitment of what that product is doing in the community.

“Amazon partnership has been the vehicle, the driver to reach all our social vision, and also to help develop a community that believes in what we’re doing. Six years later, we’ve grown about 15X. We are now selling in Whole Foods and we are really excited because it gives us the opportunity to also impact our community in a larger way.”

For every four boxes of body wipes sold, one box gets donated to a local homeless shelter. For every gallon of household cleaner sold, 1 ounce is donated to an underserved Dallas school district.

At Simpleaf, Oyenekan said they measure growth by looking at their purpose and revenue.

“Since our body shower wipes launched, we’ve been able to donate over 45,000 units to different homeless shelter across the country,” said Oyenekan. “We believe over the next few years, we’ll be the one company people will look at that addresses the social inequality in the hygiene space.”

“Giving back is the most fulfilling part of my journey.”

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