Amazon invests billions every year in innovative programs, people, and resources to fuel the growth of independent sellers. With Amazon, sellers gain access to a toolkit to help build, grow, and scale their brands, the opportunity to connect their brand to millions of customers, and powerful tools to protect their brands and IP against counterfeits and fraud.

We have a lot of videos on Amazon. I love that we can display multiple videos and photos, and we absolutely take advantage of that.
— Richard Brown, Founder of Proof Culture
Brands can add “A+ content” to product detail pages, letting them bring their brand story to life through rich text, image carousels, and video. Sellers can also run experiments to test different versions of their product content through the Manage Your Experiments tool, letting them analytically determine what best attracts customers and drives conversion.
Amazon Advertising has been a fantastic tool. It’s a great way to get your product out in front of the customer very quickly. You can do it with video ads or search ads. There are a lot of options available.
— Angus Junkin, CEO of Garden Tutor
Amazon Advertising can help sellers boost their product and brand visibility, reach more shoppers, and increase sales. Amazon Ads appear in highly visible placements, within shopping results or on product detail pages. Amazon Advertising can also help sellers reach customers in sellers’ local and global markets. Sellers can control and track their ad spend and performance, so they can learn what’s working and fine-tune their campaigns.
Amazon’s recognition of our certifications have expanded our base and made it easy for government buyers who represent healthcare, public service, transportation, and hospitality industries to find our products.
— Mauritha Hughes, Founder of FLEXX ID
The Amazon Business Seller program enables sellers to reach B2B customers with the pricing, selection, and convenience of Amazon, with features and benefits designed for businesses of all sizes. Whether the seller is a small business, a distributor, or a larger organization, there is now a targeted way to reach business customers on Amazon. With a specialized suite of tools to enable B2B ecommerce, sellers will find new ways to engage incremental business customers through a trusted Amazon experience.
Reviews are powerful. They help customers learn about our products and help us learn about our customers. With Amazon, we’re able to understand our base better.
— Michelle Huie, Founder of VIM & VIGR
Amazon Vine is a program that helps independent sellers get product reviews
from Vine Voices, a community of unbiased and insightful reviewers. Reviews can give customers insight into the quality and reliability of a product, help them make more informed purchase decisions, and drive greater visibility for sellers—especially for new products.
The New Seller Guide is a set of brand, logistics, pricing, and promotional services that are backed by data science and designed to fuel the growth of new sellers. They can also help established sellers expand to new Amazon stores worldwide.
I love Buy with Prime because we’re able to direct traffic to our website. We have that brand trust [from Amazon] and our customers receive their product in two days with FBA. It’s awesome.
— Ashley Green, Founder of KaAn’s Designs
This new service enables small businesses to offer a Prime checkout, delivery, and returns experience to millions of Prime members when they shop directly on an independent seller’s website. With shoppers purchasing directly from their online stores, Buy with Prime enables sellers to build customer relationships and brand loyalty while driving higher conversion through customer benefits like fast, free shipping. On average, shopper conversion increases by 25% with Buy with Prime.
If there’s a problem with packages in transit or a return needs to be processed or a refund, Amazon handles all of that for me.
— Bob Lundin, Founder of 605 Products
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Customer Service by Amazon is a program for sellers where Amazon takes care of customer service for orders that the seller fulfills on their own. Customer contacts are directed to Amazon Customer Service, providing 24/7 support over phone, chat, and email in many different languages.
Amazon handles all of our shipping and handling to the customers for us. So that has allowed us to launch our games globally. I’m able to ship my products over to someone in Australia in one or two days. I’ve never even stepped foot in Australia. That’s been one of the core drivers of our growth.
— Alfred Mai, Founder & CEO of ASM Games
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Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) allows independent sellers to have Amazon take on providing the storage, picking, packing, fulfillment, and customer service for their orders. Leveraging the tens of billions of dollars that Amazon has invested in its logistics and fulfillment capabilities, small businesses can provide customers with fast, premium shipping with FBA and do so at a cost that is 70% less than similar premium shipping options from other carriers.
We actually sell on Amazon not just in the US but we’ve expanded with Amazon throughout the world. That’s been successful for us in terms of growing the business and getting our brand exposed to more people from different countries and different cultures. And so, I see the opportunities as almost unlimited today and we’ll continue to do it, hand in hand with Amazon.
— Alexander Fedorowicz, Founder & CEO of QRxLabs
Amazon provides independent sellers with a variety of tools and services that simplify critical aspects of selling to customers around the world. With Amazon Global Selling, sellers can use Amazon’s trusted global brand to reach customers across countries. Amazon’s state-of-the-art international logistic capabilities help sellers more easily and cost-effectively move products across borders. Selling tools also help simplify listing products across countries with automated translation and currency conversion capabilities for managing pricing and receiving disbursements. Altogether, Amazon makes it dramatically easier for small businesses to list once and sell globally.
“Support Small” is a curated storefront that provides an experience where customers can discover unique, high-quality products from small businesses and meet the business owners behind the brands. During Small Business Month and other major shopping events, Amazon highlights and celebrates small business owners through prominent merchandising, deals, and more to help customers discover and enjoy the amazing products sold by small businesses in Amazon’s store.

When somebody finds a food that works really well for them and their pet, they don’t want to change a thing. Putting [the food] on an auto subscription really allows them the opportunity to not have to think about it anymore.
— Jess Berger, Founder of Bundle x Joy
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Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program offers sellers the ability to extend discounted pricing, free shipping and the convenience of regularly scheduled deliveries on eligible products, to their customers for repeat purchases.
Running a small business can be difficult, and sellers may occasionally run into operational issues. Account Health Assurance is a new, free benefit for sellers with great account health, which formalizes Amazon’s commitment to not deactivate a seller’s account as long as they work to resolve any issues. A member of the Amazon team proactively reaches out to the seller and works with them one-on-one to help them get back on track. Account Health Assurance provides sellers with added peace of mind so they can focus on growing and building their business in Amazon’s store.
When you’re growing, cash is always a concern, and that’s where Amazon Lending came into play. We were able to purchase three large dehydrators. When you move from a machine that takes 24 hours down to a machine that only takes four, I mean, its life changing.
— Adrienne Walker, CEO of Blue Henry

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When entrepreneurs are getting started, having sufficient cash is critical to growing their business but often difficult to obtain given their limited track record. Amazon Lending provides financing solutions to help eligible businesses free up cashflow and reach their goals. These solutions include first-and third-party term loans, third-party lines of credit, and a merchant cash advance program. In 2022, Amazon and our financing partners provided sellers with access to $2.1 billion, an increase of 50% from the previous year.
ASBA provides free access to foundational business education, industry experts, and more, enabling early-stage entrepreneurs to start, build, and launch their businesses. Resources include live and on-demand webinars based on learning tracks, expert-led events through Founders Table, and Amazon’s podcast “This is Small Business”.
Brand Registry protects me like nobody’s business. I believe it’s one of the best programs Amazon has ever rolled out.
— Sara Mader, CEO of Palouse Brand
Amazon Brand Registry helps selling partners protect intellectual property, manage listings, and grow their business, regardless of whether they sell in Amazon’s store—for free. It allows brands to detect and report suspected intellectual property infringement with powerful tools. In 2022, 99% of product listings blocked or removed from the Amazon store were found by Brand Registry’s proactive controls.
Amazon Seller University offers educational resources to help sellers learn how to succeed in Amazon’s store. Content includes hundreds of thousands of hours of articles, videos, webinars, and case studies. Amazon uses powerful analytics to understand the critical success factors for driving seller success and the areas that sellers can benefit the most from additional educational resources to build Seller University content and to surface it throughout the selling experience.
Amazon Accelerate is our annual conference designed specifically for our sellers. It’s an opportunity for sellers to learn about Amazon’s latest tools and innovations, speak with Amazon experts, and network with other sellers to fuel their business growth.

The fifth annual Amazon Accelerate conference will be held September 17-19, 2024 in Seattle, Washington.
I’ve definitely increased my village of other Black business owners. We have peer-to-peer mentoring sessions where we can share resources and have conversations about current business challenges, any new opportunities and what tools you are using to help you grow.
— Veronica Blue, Founder of Phenomenal Foods Co.
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In 2021, Amazon launched the Black Business Accelerator (BBA) with a $150 million commitment over four years to help empower and drive the success of Black-owned businesses. Amazon’s BBA provides access to financial assistance through credits and sponsorship of certifications, strategic business education and coaching through account management support and educational content, and marketing and advertising support to help Black-owned businesses grow and maximize their selling success in Amazon’s store.
We’ve been on Amazon Handmade for between four and five years, and it’s become a big part of our business. Amazon has one of the biggest marketplaces in the world, and we wanted to see if we could tap into that. And then it got legs. It started going, and we haven’t looked back from there.
— Michelle Rutta-Wahe, Owner of Your Hearts Content
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At Amazon, we obsess over customers and their desire for a trusted destination for handcrafted goods, which is what prompted us to start Handmade. Artisans from over 80 countries are following their passion and selling their craft on Amazon.
I love Seller Forums—it has been a really nice resource to have. The community is pretty awesome. I usually spend an hour a day just seeing what challenges other sellers are facing.
— Scott Fleming, Owner & Inventor of Stoveshelf
Seller Forums is the home base for the Amazon seller community providing an opportunity to share ideas, provide advice, and find answers to help sellers as they launch and build a successful business in Amazon’s store. This community also provides a wealth of valuable feedback that helps Amazon continue to innovate upon the tools and programs provided to small businesses—including feedback on Seller Forums. In 2022, Amazon developed a number of new Seller Forums features based on seller feedback including simpler navigation and search, improved voting features, clearer highlighting of responses from Amazon, more personalized experiences, and profile pages.
The FBA Donations program allows independent sellers that use FBA to donate unwanted product (including returns) directly to charities. In 2022, sellers donated nearly 100 million products through the FBA Donations program, and Amazon recently launched new features that make it easier for sellers to get the information they need to potentially claim additional tax benefits for making these donations.
Selling in Amazon’s store unlocks growth and scale that creates new U.S. jobs.
In 2022, Amazon independent sellers created 1.5 million U.S.-based jobs directly tied to operating their businesses. In addition, sellers choosing to use FBA and CSBA support hundreds of thousands of jobs in Amazon fulfillment centers, at delivery service partners that work with Amazon, and within our Amazon Customer Service teams.
The Climate Pledge is a commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040—10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement. Amazon co-founded the Climate Pledge in 2019 to build a cross-sector community of companies, organizations, individuals, and partners working together to address the climate crisis and solve the challenges of decarbonizing the economy. In addition, Amazon has added Climate Pledge Friendly badging within its shopping experience to help customers discover and shop for more sustainable products in Amazon’s store. These badges help highlight products that meet sustainability standards. Sellers are encouraged to create more sustainable products both because it’s the right thing to do and to benefit from this additional visibility in Amazon’s store.