Small beauty business QRxLabs adapts and goes global with Amazon

Hear how QRxLabs scaled their beauty brand with a winning combination of local manufacturing and global reach.

Sometimes, the best way to launch your business is to follow your gut. That’s what co-founders Alexander “Alex” Fedorowicz and Silvana Ameri did when naysayers told them how tough the beauty industry can be.

“We kind of ignored that advice,” said Alex.

Today, their skincare brand QRxLabs in Miami, FL, has grown to a team of 16 employees. They’ve also expanded from one product to more than 34, inviting customers to “experience nature enhanced by science.”

Over the years, they’ve seen more and more people consider Miami as an ideal place to do business including manufacturing. They also credit Amazon with contributing to a shift in the way entrepreneurs are approaching small business in general.

Alex added, “[Amazon is] a way for small businesses to change, to evolve, and to adapt to a new world,” one that is increasingly digital.

Hear more about how Alex and Silvana scaled QRxLabs into a successful beauty brand in the video above.