Pacers Running builds an omnichannel strategy with Amazon

Pacers Running are on solid footing after implementing an omichannel sales strategy. Hear more about their journey in this video.

Chris Farley, the owner of Pacers Running, turned his passion for running into an athletic shoe retailer with five Washington, DC-area brick-and-mortar shops and an online business with national reach. He frequently gives back to the Washington, D.C., community, hosting 10Ks and marathons.

As an entrepreneur, getting started wasn’t easy at first, he says. And then “everything changed during the pandemic. I love retail, but retail is not going to come back to the way it was, and that’s fine. You’ve got to continue to evolve.”

Today, Farley has built a successful omnichannel strategy between brick and mortar retail and selling shoes online.

Hear how Chris uses Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to fulfill Pacers Running’s digital orders to store, pack, and deliver shoes on his behalf.

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