Garden Tutor deepens roots and makes it easy to play in the garden

Watch the video to learn how Garden Tutor stays rooted in their community while continually growing.

Angus Junkin loves to garden so much so that it was common for people to go to the former landscaper for advice. They’d ask “How do you garden?” or “What will grow?” And the big one, “How do I keep my garden alive?” These questions helped him sprout a new business idea, Garden Tutor, to offer tools and products that empower people in the garden.

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Angus Junkin, founder of Garden Tutor, turned his passion for gardening into a successful small business.

Angus began selling in Amazon’s store in 2019, and soon his business grew around the world. Despite this growth, Angus is firmly rooted in his New England community and works with Pride, a nonprofit organization that employs adults with cognitive disabilities, to help manage his manufacturing, kitting, and fulfillment processes. Watch the video to learn how success has allowed him to do what he loves the most—design new tools for the Garden Tutor store and of course, play in the garden.