Empowering seller growth through third-party apps


Running a successful business requires various time-consuming and complex tasks such as managing inventory, pricing, accounting, advertising analysis and shipments. Partnering with Amazon allows independent sellers to benefit both from the powerful, cost-effective capabilities that Amazon provides directly, as well as those provided by the over three thousand third-party developers who have created additional functionality for sellers through the Selling Partner Appstore. This app ecosystem helps independent sellers manage more than twenty everyday business functions including direct to consumer shipping, FBA replenishment, managing and optimizing the product catalog, as well as fulfilling tax, regulatory and reporting obligations as a business.

Today at Accelerate, Amazon’s annual seller conference, Amazon announced a further expansion of Enterprise solutions available in the Selling Partner Appstore, as well as the integration of elements of third-party apps’ experiences directly in Seller Central, the primary portal that sellers use to manage their business of selling in Amazon’s store.

Making it easier for independent sellers to manage their business

Amazon has added 15 industry-leading Enterprise solution apps to the Selling Partner Appstore, designed to help small businesses identify and pursue specific areas of growth, automate repetitive tasks and reduce the time it takes to run a business. One example is Skai, an AI-powered, omnichannel marketing software that empowers sellers to scale their advertising programs efficiently and effectively.

“Using apps has allowed me to focus my creativity and time solely on making our products unique,” says Becca Hadley, who co-founded Hadley Designs with her husband Josh. The Hadleys use apps to help with sales analytics, inventory forecasts and commerce acceleration solutions.


Today, Amazon also announced a new program, currently code-named Emerald. Rather than having to go to multiple websites or apps, Emerald aims to simplify sellers’ experience with third party apps by integrating elements of their experiences directly in Seller Central. The first feature is notifications, allowing sellers to receive third-party app alerts directly within their Seller Central Homepage, enabling sellers to access, organize and act on critical updates without having to navigate multiple places.

The initial Emerald notifications experience is now live globally with more than a dozen apps addressing various seller needs that have made their notifications available directly within Seller Central. To learn more about apps that have Emerald notifications and are live today, visit the Selling Partner Appstore.

As Amazon continues to incorporate more apps and features into the Selling Partner Appstore, sellers can expect more capabilities that harness both Amazon’s innovations and third-party developer creativity that together make it easier for sellers to manage their business and accelerate their growth.