Dumpling Daughter celebrates Chinese culture through comfort food

Dumpling Daughter CEO & Founder Nadia Liu Spellman shares a taste of her families recipes through her Spicy Sweet Soy Sauce and cookbook, both available in the Amazon store.

As a child, Dumpling Daughter CEO & Founder Nadia Liu Spellman always had fond memories of her parents’ Chinese restaurant. So when she grew up, it was no surprise that she decided to open not just one but four restaurants of her own, in her hometown of Boston, MA.

But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she and her team had to get creative. In addition to takeout and online ordering, Nadia began selling bottles of their Spicy Sweet Soy Sauce directly to customers in the Amazon store. And it was a hit.


By selling with Amazon, Dumpling Daughter is now able to share a small taste of Boston with the world. It also helped inspire more creative opportunities, including Nadia’s new cookbook, “Dumpling Daughter Heirloom Recipes: From Our Restaurants And Home Kitchens,” now available in Amazon’s store.

When it comes to the future of Dumpling Daughter, Nadia says, “The sky’s the limit.”