Dermatologist’s secret weapon for skincare equity is Amazon

Inner Glow’s Sunscreen gummy, once exclusive to Virginia doctors’ offices, launches on Amazon’s store and finds customers across the country, especially the Southern states, where sun exposure never stops.

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March 29, 2024
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By the time patients are sitting in Dr. Noreen Galaria’s office, it’s because there’s already a problem. The dermatologist specializes in treating skin cancers with her husband, Dr. Irfan Galaria, a reconstructive plastic surgeon. In their offices, they have seen nearly a half million patients, and the number-one problem they see is preventable sun-related skin cancers.

“Sunscreen alone just isn’t enough,” said Dr. Noreen Galaria. “People need protection from the inside out—not just topical treatments that wear off. People want a better answer,” she said.

After a decade of research and development, that better answer came with creating their own line of Inner Glow supplements that are sourced with high-quality ingredients that are scientifically proven to provide sun protection, grow hair and reverse aging.

Initially available only in their Virginia offices, word soon spread throughout the medical community, leading other dermatologists to reach out to stock the products in their practices. Within a year, their products were country-wide, but exclusive to doctors’ offices and plastic surgery clinics.

Dr. Galaria recognized an accessibility issue with a daily supplement primarily available only through a dermatologist, who patients might see once a year or even less. Even more challenging, was the equity issue of those who can afford dermatological care. Dr. Galaria believed their sun protection supplement should be accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Inner Glow Amazon Photography

The following year, Inner Glow launched as an Amazon small business. “It allows us to reach people we would never be able to reach in doctor’s offices,” said Dr. Galaria. Amazon, she said, makes it easy for customers and for businesses to access their product wherever they are.

While the first year of selling was a steep learning curve for the doctors, she said she’s seen Amazon make investments in the seller experience to simplify the process. Starting with Seller University, an education portal with hundreds of thousands of hours of free educational content for sellers at all stages of their journey. Dr. Galaria has used this and recommends it to other entrepreneurs. Now with the Inner Glow page active and products listed, the Galarias are leaning into other tools Amazon offers sellers to simplify parts of their business often deemed burdensome, like logistics.

Inner Glow uses Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA), a service where Amazon fulfillment specialists can pick, pack and ship their orders. With FBA, sellers spend 30% less per unit on average than standard shipping options offered by major US carriers. “That’s exactly what I want as a physician, is someone who can handle that whole side of it—and that’s been amazing,” said Dr. Galaria.

They are also using Subscribe and Save a program that gives Inner Glow users a discount on consistent deliveries. It makes “supplement refills” easy, even when it’s not top of mind to order. It’s great for customers, said Dr. Galaria and they get consistent business they can count on.

“Amazon makes it so easy for patients or customers to buy our product,” she said. “Sometimes even patients sitting in my office during a visit prefer to buy on Amazon rather than deal with waiting at the front desk and having to run their credit card.”

With an estimated one in five Americans developing skin cancer by the age of 70, Inner Glow needs to be everywhere, said Dr. Galaria—and being on Amazon is the start.

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