ASM Games brings the fun back to game nights with Amazon

ASM Games founder Alfred Mai shares how he leveraged a viral moment to scale his business with Amazon.

San Francisco-based Alfred and Sarah Mai were disappointed in the lack of fun and meaningful party games out there, so in 2017, they decided to create their own.

“We didn’t know anything about game design or manufacturing or importing,” said Alfred. But that didn’t stop them. The next step was getting their products to customers. The problem? Big-box stores weren’t interested.

Alfred shared, “We would cold-call local retailers and big-box retailers, but no one would listen,”


That’s when they tried selling in Amazon’s store. Shortly after, they got a text from a friend telling them their games “went viral.” They checked their account and found out their entire inventory had sold out.

Fast forward to today, ASM Games just sold its 2 millionth game and the big-box retailers who turned them down are ordering from them. With their success, the couple was also able to quit their full-time jobs so they could focus on their entrepreneurial journey.